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The British Population Survey and British Consumer Index are trading names of DataTalk Research Ltd

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What we Know


The British Population Survey (BPS) is the only study which monitors trends in the population plus consumers’ response and receptivity to marketing communication channels, intention to purchase, influences to purchase and financial optimism.


It now has over 7 years of monthly trend data providing vital data on how the different types of the population is changing. The full data is now available for insight, modeling and integration with customer and prospect data via the BPS ‘Data Bridge’.


What You can Add


The BPS data we collect every month answers many questions and often can reduce or even remove the necesity to commision specific bespoke research.


Specific questions can be added either as a one off or regularly at whatever frequency is required. These additional questions can then be supplied togrther with any combination of other BPS variable as required. Because we ask all the BPS questions every month you can also add variables retrospectivly. This means that you only need add the variable you know you will need safe in the knowledge that you can add others later.

This provides an extreemly cost effective way to view your specific questions against a far more comprehensive range of additional data than is available elswere.

Data can be suplied in a variety of formats, not just tabs, providing complete freedon for analysis and integration with other data via our 'Data Bridge'.


How we collect the data


All our data is collected by actualy going out and talking to real people in their own homes.

Yes, we actlaly look into their eyes when we ask them questions. We use a robust methodology to ensure we capture a representative sample, for full details of our Methodology click HERE.

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Segment Intelligence

Segment Intelligence is a technique which applies the BPS to individual segments.


BPS includes 11 different segmentation models as standard (Acorn, Cameo, Censation, Mosaic, Personicx, P2 and OAC) users of these tools can easily apply BPS data directly to their segments.


Segment Intelligence can also be applied to individual organisations own segmentation models. This not only provids a detailed, up to date, understanding of each segment but also adds to the knowlage about each segment.


Segment Intellegence applies insight directly to segments making them relevant and actionable.