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The British Population Survey and British Consumer Index are trading names of DataTalk Research Ltd

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The British Population Survey provides an up to date understanding of the British population plus changes and trends from 2008.


The data is continually updated and provides a ‘reference’ data set which can also be customised to provide bespoke data for individual organisations, industries or government and regulatory bodies.


The British Population Survey, the largest up to date source of information on the population of Great Britain.


The British Population Survey is designed to allow detailed quantification and profiling of target audiences plus:

  • their likelihood to purchase from individual sectors

  • what promotional of devices and sources of information influences their purchase decisions

  • what communication channels they recall and will respond to

  • their financial mood


For details of the data we collect each month click HERE to download the data catalogue.




Data alone may be 'interesting' but it is what can be done with the data which makes it 'useful'. BCI have developed a range of products and techniques which enable the data to be integrated with customer and prospect data. This enables the data to be actionable, making a real difference to customer strategy. See Intelligence Products