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The British Population Survey and British Consumer Index are trading names of DataTalk Research Ltd

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Create your own Syndicate

The British Population Omnibus provides unrivald opportunity to create proprietory, branded research products.

Products for your clients, your members or, as a more generably available research product.


More Insight - Less Cost


The range of data available means that, in many cases, less bespoke questions need to be commissioned which saves money. In addition the range of variables we collect means that far more insight can be gleaned from the research.


More Flexibility


Data is provided in a fully analysable form, not just tabs. Furthermore, as we collect so much data every month, additional variables can be added later from the other data we collect as the need arises. How many times does the answer to one question lead to another and you wished you had asked some other questions? It's almost like being able to go back in time!  

How it Works


An example:


An advertising agency wishes to provide proprietory research to its' clients. While they all have an interest in certain questions, for example, communication channels, they also need specific answers to their own issues.


An agency can use our Syndicated Research facility to create an regular supply of relevant data to which each client can add their own specific questions when the need arises.


The agency brands the research as their own proprietory product creating a valuable point of difference and revenue stream.

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Tel; 0203 286 1981