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The British Population Survey and British Consumer Index are trading names of DataTalk Research Ltd

Registered Office: Chapel House, Chapel Lane,St Ives, Cambridgeshire PE27 5DX


Registration Number; 5250045

VAT Number; 855362412



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How it Works

Check if we alredy collect the data you need.

If so just request it. It's cheaper. Why re-invent the wheel? Click HERE for the full list of the data we collect

Decide who you want to ask.

As we alredy ask so many questions we can generaly filter the selection to save you asking filter questions.

Decide what questions you want to ask.

Questions can be added as a one off or at whatever frequency you wish.

Decide which additional variables you need.

Select from our full range of variables, not just demographics at a fraction of the cost of collecting the data. Plus monthly back data from 2008 is available for our regular questions.

The objective of the BPS Omnibus is to provide the research you need in a more flexible, comprehensive and cost effective way than any othet onmibus.

In addition it provides analysis by many geodemographic clasifications in a fully analysable format. Not just tabs.


What makes the difference is the amount of data we collect every month which you can access. This means that very often you need ask fewer questions. Saving money and getting more insight.

Integration with other data.


Another function of the amount of data we collect is the ability it provides to link the data with other research and consumer data.


Our 'Data Bridge' can link omnibus results to other research such as TGI etc. and an organisations customer and prospect data.


'Segment Intelligence' links BPS Omnibus Data with an organisations own segment codes. This not only provides insight at segment level but also makes the insight actionable by relating it directly to customer management systems..