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The British Population Survey and British Consumer Index are trading names of DataTalk Research Ltd

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BPS Omnibus 


Traditional omnibus surveys provide a cost effective way to ask specific questions and get the answers with a few demographic details.


BPS Omnibus goes further.


It provides the widest range of additional varibles at a fraction of the cost of collecting the data.


How do we do it?


Simple, we roughtinely collect a huge amount of data, you just select what you want and we add it to your specific questions.


It's a bit like being able to tap into, and add questions to, a huge syndicated survey whenever you need to without the on going commitment.


BCI Focus


Focus Modules pre package some of our base data into 'British Consumer Index (BCI) Focus Data Sets'. These data sets provide an extreemly cost effective way to track trends in consumer attitudes.


All 'Focus Data Sets' contain Basic Demographics (Gender, Age Band, Lifestage, Social Grade and Chief Income Earner indicator plus geodemographic segmentations from:


Acorn, Cameo, Censation,Mosaic, Personix Geo and OAC


Current Focus Data sets available are;


Communication Channels


Influence to Purchase

Financial Optimism


For full details see


BPS Intelligence


The Intelligence suites of products provide effective solutions to some of today’s most challenging marketing intelligence problems.


We hear a lot about BIG Data, but in many cases it relates to behavior only. The problem of 'Digital Anonymity' means organisations have a wealth of data on how customers and prospects behave when they are on their websites but nothing about them as people.


The Intelligence products use the wide ranging robust data from the British Population Survey and specific 'Omnibus' questions to add `Real World`information to segments, email addresses and telephone numbers. In addition, the Data Bridge alows other research data to be added to the mix.


Real world data which informs targeting, proposition, communication channel and, for businesses with an advertising model, vital audience profiles.